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Christmas is a season (not one day) that begins (not ends) on December 25th. It then runs for twelve days, ending on January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany. (Thus the Twelve Days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day rather than end on Christmas Day, contrary to certain cultural conceptions.) During the season of Christmas the Church celebrates and contemplates the mystery of the incarnation: the infinite, eternal God taking upon Himself our human nature, spirit and flesh, and being born in humility in a stable in Bethlehem. Though such a mystery can never be fully understood, it most certainly cannot be fully contemplated in just one day—we need a season to begin to take in the mystery of the Word made flesh. Such an occasion cannot be celebrated in just one day; we need twelve days to celebrate this feast. So while the world around us exchanges Christmas carols for rock and roll classics, throws out the tree, and takes down the decorations on December 26th, the Church throughout the world is celebrating the Second Day of Christmas, the Feast of St. Stephen. This is a time of year for daily Communion services, the singing of carols, rest from work, and extra gatherings of family and friends. This is a season of joy and a season for merriment. The Church of the Advent wishes you a very long and a very merry Christmas.

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2020:

December 25th: The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, commonly called: Christmas Day
December 26th: The Feast of St. Stephen
December 27th: The Feast of St. John the Apostle
December 28th: The Feast of the Holy Innocents
December 29th: The Feast of St. Thomas Becket of Canterbury
December 30th: Sixth Day within the Octave of the Nativity
December 31st: The Feast of St. Sylvester
January 1st: The Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord
January 2nd: Octave Day of St. Stephen
January 3rd: The Second Sunday after Christmas Day
January 4th: Octave Day of the Holy Innocents
January 5th: Twelfth Night or the Eve of the Epiphany

Church of the Advent Christmas 2020 Schedule:

Christmas Eve (December 24th): Holy Communion, 7.30 pm @ 20 Front Street in Lake Orion

Midnight Mass (December 24th): Holy Communion, 11.00 pm @ St. Edmund’s Chapel, Shelby Township

Christmas Day: Holy Communion, 10.00 am @ St. Augustine’s House, Addison Township

St. Stephen’s Day (Dec. 26th): Holy Communion, 10.00 am @ St. Edmund’s Chapel, Shelby Township

St. John the Evangelist’s Day (Dec 27th): Holy Communion, 10.00 am @ 20 Front Street in Lake Orion

Feast of Thomas of Canterbury (Dec 29th): Evening Prayer, 6.00 pm, Pontiac

The Second Sunday after Christmas Day (Jan 3rd): Holy Communion, 10.00 am @ 20 Front Street, Lake Orion

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