Church of the Advent

After my conversation with Fr. Moore at the coffee shop, after reading Wright and Ramsey and Staley, I decided to attend St. John the Apostle out on the East side. From where I lived in Rochester, this meant a good forty or forty-five minute drive. And since I had...

A New Home for Advent

After a year of monthly meetings in the American Legion in Downtown Rochester, God has opened the doors for us to worship in the beautiful chapel at St. John, 1011 W University Dr, Rochester, MI 48307. Pastor Marc Schwichtenberg met Fr. Shaun and I for coffee at The...

The Anglican Way

When Joshua and I walked through the doors of St. Mark Orthodox Church, I had never met a practicing Eastern Christian. I was pretty sure Dmitri from my Victorian literature class at Valparaiso University mentioned attending a dull Russian service at Christmas and...

Back to the Fathers

Christ promised the early church the Spirit, who came on the first Pentecost and continues to dwell in the lives of the faithful. He promised that the Spirit would abide with this community, guide it, lead it to all truth, and help it recollect the words of the Lord. This is just what has been happening for the 20 centuries since the ascension.

Jesus in the Crumbs (Guest Post)

Awhile back, my parish priest told me that he used to get down on his hands and knees to eat the post-communion bread crumbs off the aisle floors. He didn’t mean it to be funny, and he definitely didn’t think it was all that weird. We were just having a conversation, and it came up.

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